What are anchors for?


Mounting anchors are purposed for providing connections of wood, aluminium

and PCV French door and window frames with openings in residential buildings,

boarding houses, public buildings, recreation and utility buildings.

Incorporation of windows and French doors shall be provided according to Installation

Manual delivered by manufacturer, which should consider measurements of wall

openings pursuant to PN-ISO 7996-2:1994 Standards.


Installation Manual shall also specify minimum quantity of required anchors used for

assembly works with reference to wind load zones and exposure coefficient as laid

down In PN-77/B-02011 Standard.

Window and door anchors span is recommended to be below 700mm,

and anchor distance from window or door corner shall not be over 150mm.

Perimeter play of 10-20mm is recommended between French door, windows and

openings per each side of door or window. Type of caulking foam used for French door

and windows insulation shall be specified by window/door manufacturer.


In case of mortar used for perimeter joint sealing of frame and opening remember

that anchors shall not have direct contact with filling containing gypsum to prevent

corrosion of anchor surfaces.

Anchors shall be mounted on the opening with varied expansion plugs selected according

to wall type. Type of used plugs for specific walls shall be specified in window and door

installation manual.

Proper anchor assembly ensures proper expansion joint (movable joint) between French

door or window and opening.

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